Winterstorage & Maintence

The unique, central location of the Vri-Jon DSA Yachts nautical centre makes it possible for you to enjoy your boat all year round. Vri-Jon DSA Yachts offer a complete package of services, from mooring place through to servicing, irrespective the season. The company has air-conditioned hangars for winter storage. Our hangars are completely frost-free, well lit, and clean; in short, perfect for winter storage. And you could also opt for a combination of storage and our annual service package. Our packages include the options of full maintenance and repairs, and preparation for returning your boat to the water in spring. If you are considering a major service or refit, please consider calling Vri-Jon DSA Yachts. We offer a wide range of specializations under one roof, including the options of renovating or expanding the technical systems, equipment and fittings on board, and specialized stainless steel work, and wood and paint work.

The following services are included in the winter storage package:
– Hoisting the boat and jet
– Putting your boat back to water.
– blasting the underwater section of the hull
– Placing your boat on a block in the frost-free hangar

The following services are also available upon request:
– Rinsing off the hull and superstructure
– Charging the batteries
– Inspecting the boat (underwater)
– Servicing the engine
– Drawing up and implementing a maintenance plan and repairs
– Applying antifouling in spring
– Preparing your boat for the water (inspection, draining the tanks, test run)