The classical lines and robust appearance are the features that make the Vri-Jon Classic such a striking vessel. The boat comes in a wide range of designs, which includes multi-chine or round hulls with open or closed wheelhouses. The Classic is fitted out for long-term stays on board and long cruises.

The Classic’s design was a quest for the creation of a boat that makes no concessions: safety, easy sailing and long periods on board were the main design principles. The aim was comfortable navigation on rivers, as well as on coastal waters. Quality, in construction, equipment and finish, was an absolute requirement. That effort has resulted in the Vri-Jon Classic.

The boat is designed with a 6-mm thick round steel-plate hull and fitted with wide mono-level gangways. The high sea rail and other details, such as the heavy bollards and robust gypsy wheel surrounding contribute to making this the perfect globetrotter. Within this concept, Vri-Jon DSA Yachts’ design unit has created a spacious interior with ample headroom and generous seating and cabins. The closed cabins with their unsuited heads are extremely practical. All systems on board are generous in design, making the highly equipped Classic extremely luxurious. The Classic design line comes in no less than six versions, from 40 to 58 feet.